Over 50 knots !!!    

Pubblicata in data 4/12/2007

Over 50 knots !!!

Breaking news that came in overnight and is sure to have tongues wagging all over the world of speed windsurfing in the coming weeks. Dutch rider Martin van Meurs managed to break the 50 knot barrier as his top speed for 2 seconds of a run made on Sunday December 2nd at Southen-on-Sea, England, while sailing with Dave White at the spot that will soon be host to the DrivenbyWind speedsailing event ! Martin van Meurs achieved his VMax-registered top speed in a 40 knots wind, on a water surface broken up by light chop and with a wind angle of 140 degrees... Creator of, van Meurs has been preaching the speed gospel for a few years now so this comes as a big personal payoff for his hard work promoting the sport. And as an added bonus, the spot at The Ray, that we mentioned in our DrivenbyWind preview last week, has had a massive injection of profile and credibility at little more than a month from the start of Dave White's DrivenbyWind invitation speed contest. More news very soon !!!

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